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Hi, my name is Laura Kwasniewski M.S., Certified Life Coach. My experience as a therapist has given me the confidence to know that I can help you to create and achieve a compelling vision of your future. To be clear, Life Coaching is not therapy, which focuses on issues rooted in your past. Instead Life Coaching focuses on achieving your ideal future! Creative Life Coaching is a unique blend of coaching that combines creative arts with a holistic approach to coaching. It's perfect for creative people and those who want more creativity in their lives. Creative Life Coaching can serve as a compassionate sounding board for self-reflection and honesty. These are great conditions for creative problem solving! See if Creative Life Coaching is right for you! Schedule a FREE 30 minute Creative Life Coaching Consultation today!


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Career and Life Purpose Coaching

Searching for meaning? Unsatisfied with your work? Get in touch with your inner-most desires to find a career that inspires you! Gain the confidence- follow your passion! Through a 7 Step Process for Change you can discover your values, explore different job options, and create a unique life plan for you!

Relationship Building and Transition Coaching

Experiencing upheaval? Lonely? Disconnected? Relationship rut? Deepen your connections! Feel grounded in your self-worth. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Reach out. Build insight and explore communication skills. Form strong, long-lasting relationships and feel great doing it!

Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching

Tired of feeling tired? Ready to love yourself? Do something good for your mind and body! Develop new routines for health and well-being. Peace and vitality can be yours! With the support and accountability of Creative Life Coaching you can make changes and stick with them!

Meditation and Art-Making Workshops

Interested in art or meditation? Want to jump-start your goals? Learn meditation! Combine with art-making for an unbelievable experience of growth and change! Feel the power of exercises built on Creative Arts Therapy. Come with questions, leave with answers and a powerful talisman of your discoveries! No experience necessary.


"Discovering my own self-worth was central to living my best life. I had to let go of a lot of preconceived notions about what I thought life was supposed to look like and instead move towards what I felt in my heart would bring me joy and satisfaction. I found a way to do just that and I would like to help you find your way to live a life you love."
‐ Laura Kwasniewski, M.S.

I decided to start Blazing Sun Life Coaching after moving to San Francisco and finding that there were so many creative and talented people here struggling with problems I knew I could solve. Things like feeling unhappy or disconnected. With a Master’s Degree in Creative Arts Therapy and experience working with diverse populations I knew that I needed to live out my life purpose of helping others. Blazing Sun Life Coaching is a partnership with clients focused on their future and based on the theories and tools of the Life Purpose Institute that have been used to move people forward for over 30 years.

Creative Life Coaching might be for you if you feel unsatisfied with your life or career, if you feel lost, confused, overwhelmed or if you are experiencing a major life transition.
Creative Life Coaching will support you in making change, help you connect with others and use self exploration to discover hidden drive and passion.
We will work together to devise a plan using a 7-step model for change to create a uniquely fulfilling vision of your life, one you will love. When you have a partner in accountability you can make changes that stick, and follow through with plans and projects you've long desired.

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